Don’t forget the marmite!

So here we are – just a week until we leave! Tom has flu and I have an endless to-do list. It isn’t unique for us to descend into headless chicken mode before we go away. How it goes from months away to just a week quite so quickly is terrifying! We know it’ll be fine once we walk out of the door but for the last few nights I’ve been awake at 3am running through what I haven’t done and making lists on my phone of what to pack and essential shopping (marmite, Yorkshire tea bags, brown sauce). Tom will only be able to carry the bare minimum so he has been stocking up on dehydrated meals (for emergencies), water purification, tubes of condensed milk (adds milk and sweetness to coffee) and energy bars.

We are taking a caravan and the plan is for me to catch up with Tom and Chica at points along the way, giving him a chance to have a rest, shower and replenish stocks. On some parts of the route there are lots of small villages and a chance for a meal and a beer but for others there may be stretches of several days away from civilisation.

We will be travelling in Tom’s Isuzu, which is his work vehicle. It will be perfect for towing the caravan and for venturing off-road to pick the hikers up. But he’s a builder so all his tools need to come out and then it will have a thorough clean to remove mud, cement dust, sandwich wrappers and old coffee cups – the usual detritus of any builders’ van.

And the house is a pit! Weeks of rain has meant our ponies have turned the field to mud soup and every time the dogs come in they bring a little more with them. So I’ve given up on cleaning the floor.

Remembering the marmite is more important.

Published by gilliwolfe

Tom's partner and Chica's mum. And support team (with the other two dogs) for the trip.

5 thoughts on “Panic!

  1. Think its a wonderful challenge what you are doing and I have heard of the dreadful treatment these poor dogs receive when their “use” is over at the end of the hunting season.
    Good luck and I shall enjoy following your blog.

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