Day 7: Jimena de la Frontera to Cerra de la Fantasia 20k

The last two days were non-walking days, one for bad weather and another to move base again. Now we have the luxury of being in a house for a while in Jimera de Libar, a village we know well.

So the day started with the drive back to Jimena and the weather looked reasonable. Again, Merlin refused to be left so the three of them set off up the path, climbing steadily for the first hour and a half.

The path eventually levelled out and passed beneath the rocky outcrops of the Altos de Paneron and Cerro de Marin. After a bare rocky sections where the route was harder to determine, they went into dense forest of oak and Spanish fir (we love these and call them lollipop trees because of their shape).  Both dogs in great form, but Tom was mean and moody :).

Dark clouds were gathering from all directions but the view to the coast was still impressive. However, it wasn’t long before the rain began and the temperature dropped.

Fortunately the rest of the route was on a well-defined and signposted track, winding down through the cork oaks in the midst of the Los Alcornacales. It was here deep in the forest that I eventually picked them up. I had forgotten that smaller Spanish roads aren’t always roads as I know them and the last five and a half miles I was driving along a rough track with no mobile signal, not at all sure I was in the right place. Even though we have a 4×4, I made very slow progress and it was with considerable relief that I found them, damp but completely unconcerned.

Published by gilliwolfe

Tom's partner and Chica's mum. And support team (with the other two dogs) for the trip.

8 thoughts on “Day 7: Jimena de la Frontera to Cerra de la Fantasia 20k

  1. Came here as a direct result of your decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you. Plus, I would love to feature your walk from time to time over at my place. Do I have your permission to republish your posts?


  2. Just found your site and pleased I’m in at almost the beginning of your trip.
    I completed the walk over several fortnight holidays. It is a fantastic experience with so much variety and some tremendous scenery.
    My posts on the route are in Catalonia after I’d gone digital. I certainly recommend that southern variation through the Alpujarras.
    I wish you all the very best and will follow Chica’s progress.


      1. Yes I keep meaning to scan my slides from the first half of the GR7 and post them.
        All I can say is the the route gets better and better the further on you go, relish.


      2. Have looked through your pics from the north, am keen to visit as i agree it looks fantastic. Raining heavily here at the moment, waiting to get moving again. Cheers


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