Day 28: Niguelas to Lanjaron 19k

Authors note: With Chica seemingly recovered, we finally left Jimera on Sunday and took the caravan over to Orgiva, a town in the Alpajaras area below the Sierra Nevada. After a day to reorientate, Tom is back on the trail taking Merlin to give Chica one more recovery day.

Gill dropped us off on the outskirts of Niguelas and we walked up through the central square, then down cobbled streets to the northern end of the town. From there the path dipped down through the river valley and up the other side through orchards of almonds and olives. There are very old irrigation channels everywhere here, laid originally by the Moors, I imagine, and still a vital source of water today as they harness the meltwater from the mountains above. There are diversionary gates so they can serve different areas.

Climbing up from there on a very pleasant narrow path into pine forest the wind increased and it became quite dusty as the ground here is so dry. Rain is so desperately needed at the moment.

Traversing the contours of the hilltops there were wonderful views and despite the rocky ground, every spare inch of soil is planted with olives.

As the track wound its way down the trees changed from evergreen pines to deciduous forest until we reached the attractive spa town of Lanjaron where I had a coffee while I waited for my personal taxi!

Published by gilliwolfe

Tom's partner and Chica's mum. And support team (with the other two dogs) for the trip.

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