Day 32: Trevelez to Busquistar 12k

Trevelez is the next place on the route after Busquistar but it is a long trek from the camp site. Gill is more a lark than an owl so we decided I’d do this backwards (!) starting at Trevelez and walking back to Busquistar giving a shorter drive in the evening. Looking at the map, I had thought that this would mean a mainly downhill walk but, as it turned out, there were still some steep climbs.

Leaving Trevelez to the north with both Chica and Merlin, I crossed the trickle that is all there currently is of the Rio Chico and climbed steadily, meeting a couple of Welsh collies and a horse with a tent for a stable! On the hills it was mainly shrubs including hawthorn giving off the familiar heady smell of May blossom (March blossom here!) and the many small valleys were wooded with tall shady pines.

After lunch in the company of a curious lizard I continued on a general downhill trajectory through more farmland and eventually into deciduous woods. Both dogs had a wonderful time. As yesterday’s blog was a bit short on pictures, I’ve included a few more today.

Published by gilliwolfe

Tom's partner and Chica's mum. And support team (with the other two dogs) for the trip.

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