Day 33: Trevelez to Timar 13k

A long hike steadily upward and across the hillside this morning through pines. A lovely trail with a large leat/watercourse at half height contouring around hillside. High pastures with cows being watered by sprays fed from above.

Once over the top I was in strong sunshine on vast scrub hillside with grasses, herbs, small flowers and gorse all over. Rather like our Somerset Quantocks. We contoured across and then steadily down to Juviles where path emerged onto the main street. I took some pics around town then off as the bar was shut.

We hiked up and out of town through a high valley then along the top of a gorge. Around the hill and back into the sun for walk down to Timar and get where I had my spaghetti bolognese and a coffee.

As I left town to look for a campsite, I found myself in an area of old open cast mining which felt like a moonscape and was tricky walking so carried on and found a good spot by a stream in an olive grove. As soon as the tent went up, Merlin made himself comfortable and went to sleep. I followed close behind.

Published by gilliwolfe

Tom's partner and Chica's mum. And support team (with the other two dogs) for the trip.

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