The Somerset Levels: Westhay Moor

It’s been a very long time since I have written anything here. There are two main reasons: the arrival of new dog, Savannah (Savvy), has thrown us into chaos….more about her soon; and just a complete lack of motivation. Talking to friends, it seems I’m not alone in finding myself in a Covid-induced creative desert.

Today, though, after days of relentless rain and greyness, the sun came out as I was walking Savvy at Westhay Moor, the nearest of the Somerset Levels reserves. It lifted my spirits enough to get out the camera. So this is just a mini blog to say that Chica’s Challenge is still alive and hoping to be back doing the vital fund raising again soon.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pics.

Come on!!
Starlings immortalised! This reserve is famous for starling murmurations.
That blue sky is so welcome!
Typical drainage channel…called a rhyne (pronounced ‘reen’)
Squirrel alert!
Exmoor pony with typical pale muzzle, proving a useful land manager
Glastonbury Tor – the centre of The Levels

Published by gilliwolfe

Tom's partner and Chica's mum. And support team (with the other two dogs) for the trip.

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