About Us

Chica is a little Andalucian podenco who found her way to us (as our pets often do) on a very wet winter’s night in Benalauria, a tiny village in Spain.
We have had her for three years now and she is a gentle dog and quite self-contained. She has rather more dignity than our daft lurcher, Arthur, and is livelier than our middle-aged Patterdale, Merlin.

They all get on fine, although if Chica gets exasperated with Arthur’s impositions, she’ll give him a sharp telling off. When the chips are down, Chica, the only bitch, has the last say. Read the full story of how Chica came into our lives here

Tom lives in Somerset with his partner (that’s me!) and our three dogs, two goats and, at the moment, two ponies as well.

Tom is very outdoorsy! He works outdoors most of the time as a builder and in between he climbs and kayaks, both here and abroad. He has already done a few long distance walks in the UK, including the Coast to Coast and the South West Coast Path (in instalments). Although he has always wanted to do a longer one, running his own business meant it was hard to find the time. Recently, however, he realised that he needs to seize the moment before he gets too ancient.

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