Day 1: Chica’s Challenge begins!!

At last, after a fair few hitches and glitches, Tom and Chica took their first steps on a journey that will take them right across Spain to Andorra on the GR7 route. The start is at the aptly (and purely coincidentally) named Playa Chica, which is the most southerly point of mainland Europe. From here,Continue reading “Day 1: Chica’s Challenge begins!!”

Spanish flies, saving Hector and serendipity.

We’re very glad to have reached southern Spain after a quite arduous journey. As well as not feeling at our best, Murphy’s Law was in evidence with lots of minor but irritating malfunctions, including the total failure of the mobile router, though 3 mobile assure me that it will be fixed. We are on anContinue reading “Spanish flies, saving Hector and serendipity.”

We promise – no nightmares here!

If you support animal rescues already, you will no doubt have had the experience of opening your facebook page and being confronted with images that are deeply upsetting. Personally, I cannot cope with images of cruelty – they stay etched in my mind and haunt me in the early hours for ever after. I knowContinue reading “We promise – no nightmares here!”