Why Spanish Dogs?

Billboard by Galgos Del Sol

I know some people will question why we are choosing to support dogs in Spain when there are many needy dogs here in the UK. Rest assured that over the years we have rescued and fostered dogs here, as well as donated our money and time to UK rescue organisations. But when Tom decided to walk across Spain with our Spanish rescue dog, donating to Spanish charities seemed the most appropriate.

We wanted to help a smaller organisation with actual rescue and rehoming and we were impressed with SOS Podenco Rescue who work so hard, mostly for podencos. We also wanted to help fund the fantastic education programme run by Galgos del Sol. Podencos are seen as utility dogs in Spain, not as pets, so they treated appallingly and are hard to rehome. Changing attitudes, particularly with children, is the best way to affect permanent improvement in the lives of these dogs that make such gentle, loving pets.

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